Best of Ubuntu Q Developer Summit Keynotes and Plenaries

Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 (Photo credit: melenas1414)

The Ubuntu 12.04 has been released and thus it received a tremendous amount of reaction from the mainstream technology press. For sure, that was expected as the lifespan of Ubuntu 12.04 will be for 5 years and as a result many will rush to install/upgrade their system. But what’s next ? What are the plans for the next release cycle ?

Last week, has been busy for Canonical and Ubuntu Community because of Ubuntu developer summit where the draw the lines for the next release cycle of Ubuntu. But most importantly there where participants like DELL, HP, GOOGLE, INTEL, EA and many OEM‘s that gave some very interesting speeches.

Here are the best of theme.

Mark Shuttleworth Keynote


How Ubuntu and Canonical work with OEMs;

HP with Bdale Garbee, juju Charm Store


Ubuntu at Google

Ubuntu Derivatives


Electronic Arts (EA Games) and Intel about Ubuntu


Lightning Talks


Calxeda, Ubuntu Automation Test Harness, State of the OpenStack Union


Closing Summary of Ubuntu Developer Summit


If you would like to also watch the sessions you can watch them at Ubuntu developer channel

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