Optimus Kernel: Building the best Ubuntu Desktop experience

optimus_KernelIn late April, I began a project called Utappia, to host all my little software projects that I build in my spare time. One of the projects, is the Optimus Kernel which aims at bringing out the best of Linux Kernel, optimized for Desktop systems. After 9 releases, it is time to make some necessary changes to the release cycle.Read More »

Dr Android ROM: Minimalistic stock Android rom

Dr. Android ROM

Do you love your Android that comes with your device but you would prefer to choose what apps should be installed by default ? Do you need one app for a task ? Then get ready for a new kind of a ROM…

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Utappia: Building a project just for fun


Utappia, is a project that I have started a few month’s ago just for fun. The purpose was simply to bring all of my little, tiny software projects under one umbrella. But it started growing on number of involved people and it will get even bigger.

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