Video: Zeitgeist and Venus project for dummies in 10 minutes

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Today I watched the latest movie of Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco about the Zeitgeist Movement. There are 3 movies available to watch online, but they are long…

I am lucky to find a summary video from TZMOfficialChannel that will provide an overview of the «Movment»:

This film features an interview with Peter Joseph, the hugely successful director of the internet film phenomenon Zeitgeist: The Movie which has had millions of online views. In the video also speaks Jacque Fresco the architect of the Venus Project. The Zeitgeist Movement is a worldwide grassroots organization that serves as the communication and activist arm of The Venus Project, founded by industrial designer and social engineer Jacque Fresco. It describes itself as a «sustainability advocacy organization» and is focused on raising awareness for a global social change, by transitioning society from a Monetary-Based Economy to a new, sustainable social design called a «Resource-Based Economy». The Zeitgeist Movement was inspired by the social response to Peter Joseph’s films Zeitgeist: The Movie and Zeitgeist: Addendum. (It was Zeitgeist Addendum which first introduced The Venus Project.)

If you liked the summary video, you can watch both 3 videos online from TZMOfficialChanel, that I mentioned above the video or if you lack the time and bandwidth you can easily buy them from Amazon . I spent some time and found you the direct link so I hope you like them:

Zeitgeist: The MovieZeitgeist: The Movie

Zeitgeist: AddendumZeitgeist: Addendum

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