iQunix 11.04 released and ready to rock !

After just a month or two with the announcement and the success of iQunix 10.10, I am pleased to announce the availability of iQunix OS v11.04. This version will be supported with system maintenance updates till Oct. 2013. This new release as usual is based on Ubuntu 11.04 and as user interface uses Gnome 2 (no Unity no Gnome Shell by default)

Some Highlights:

–Stable Linux kernel
–Support for Intel IPS (Intelligent Power Sharing)
–Optimizations for Btrfs, Ext4 και XFS
– 1.10.0 and Mesa 7.10.1
–Μultitouch input extension (XInput 2.1)
–Gnome 2.32.1

Also there are some minimum pre-installed software just to help you get started:

–Epiphany Web Browser
–Software Center
–Evolution Mail
–Totem Movie player

Download Now:

Enjoy your desktop experience ! And please consider to by me a beer :
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Oh !!! And some screenshots:


Σου άρεσε το άρθρο; Πες την άποψή σου... έστω και Ανώνυμα:

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